Cow dating

01-Feb-2020 07:11

A Welsh black bull may not be a good match for a Friesian heifer. At least, that’s the idea behind Tudder, a new app that works much like Tinder. Basically, it features farm animals from across the United Kingdom, with pictures and detailed biographies, as well as what qualities they’re looking for in the opposite sex.

For all the good qualities they possess, when it comes time for them to find a life partner, they can be remarkably finicky.

“It’s clearly like someone decided to depict what they saw, like an animal or like another human,” Maxime Aubert, an archaeologist and author of the study published in Dr.

Aubert and his team tested the calcium carbonate deposits surrounding the image using dating techniques which allowed them to discover the painting’s age.

No other material has a comparable elasticity combined with an equal durability.

The ‘memory’ of the ecolatex assures a life long comfortable elasticity .

A team of researchers in Indonesia has come across record-breaking ancient artwork that is revealing new things about one of humanity’s oldest cultures.

In the painting, one of the cows appears to have a spear piercing its flank and they are a part of a series of similar paintings found in the cave that were made using a red-orange, iron-oxide pigment.

The bovine painting covers a wall inside a cave named Lubang Jeriji Saléh.

The artwork, depicting a trio of cows, dates back 40,000 years, making it the oldest known figurative painting — one in which real-life objects are shown rather than primitive abstract shapes.

What’s new in first-time novelist Laura Zigman’s funny new book, “Animal Husbandry” (The Dial Press), is a) a clever and comic theory and b) timing.

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A field map on disaster dating in the late 90s, her “Old Cow / New Cow” theory--that bulls will not mate with the same cow twice and thus men dump women because they’re genetically wired to target new cows--has coincided with a period in Washington, D. She knows her book tour has “Wag the Dog” and “Primary Colors” written all over it.“The weirdest part of all this is how women are responding,” says Zigman from a Portland, Ore., hotel room, referring to the sexgate scandal.

The app does carry the disclaimer that it's meant to be "a bit of fun." But it's also serious enough to garner a substantial user base.