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)As it turns out, people have been paying to visit this quaint North Devon fishing village since 1924.

If you’re looking to visit Clovelly yourself, then you should be aware that you have to pay a fee to visit the village (this includes parking, the chance to watch a short film about the history of the village, two small museums in Clovelly itself, and a trip to the nearby Clovelly Court Gardens).

Paying to visit Clovelly was something we weren’t aware of before arriving .

That being said, by the time we’d arrived, we’d already driven over an hour and a half and wanted to visit the ‘prettiest village in Devon’ and so decided to pay the fee and see what the village was like.

This time warp in North Devon really is a place where time has (almost) stood still.

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There, you’ll find real gems such as Tintagel Wear sturdy footwear: The ‘cobbled’ lane leading down to the village is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.Boat building and trading in local limestone and Welsh Coal were also big earners for the people who lived in Clovelly centuries ago.Today, you can still purchase a permit to fish for a small fee and boats come in and out of the harbour for pleasure and for business.Instead of small cobblestones, the rocks here are large, smooth and can be felt through shoes.

You definitely wouldn’t be able to wear high heels or flip-flops on these stones and I’m really glad I wore my trainers!

There, you’ll find a pub, various moorings and a great spot to have a quick breather after the steep and sharp descent.