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Thomas, who is believed to have preached there between the years 52 and 70.

The region then passed into the hands of the Dutch, who established themselves near Pulicat just north of the city in 1612.

It was from Damarla Venkatadri Nayakar domain, on 22 August 1639, the piece of land lying between the river Cooum almost at the point it enters the sea and another river known as the Egmore river was granted to East India Company after deed from Vijaynagara emperor. George, a fortified settlement of British merchants, factory workers, and other colonial settlers.

On 20 August 1639 Francis Day of the East India Company along with Damerla Venkatadri Nayakar travelled to Chandragiri palace to meet the Vijayanagara King Peda Venkata Raya and to obtain a grant for a small strip of land in the Coromandel Coast from in Chandragiri as a place to build a factory and warehouse for their trading activities.vayiratharayan of Virukanbakkam alias Chenninallur. Modern Chennai had its origins as a colonial city and its initial growth was closely tied to its importance as an artificial harbour and trading centre.