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Guido forbids her to speak his name: it was he who ruined Guido’s father, furthermore they would have to ask Schalgg, his intendant.Guido rejects this suggestion too; but Marianne suggests that his charming young cousin might help him out.Ces filles sont les mêmes jeunes filles qui vivent à côté de vous! Venue par curiosité à un entretien pour un casting X, Aurélie, provinciale quadragénaire, se retrouve à poil sur un canapé en train de baiser avec un inconnu.Rappelez-vous que nous avons mises à jour gratuites tous les jours! Ce sont de vraies filles, pas seulement un modèle fantasme est seulement vu dans un magazine ou un site Web. Guido adds, that the governor’s son can come and collect the cat – if he can recognize her…During the following ensemble, Minette begins to behave more and more like a cat.

Other musical works on this theme include ballets La Chatte metamorphosée en femme by Alexandre Montfort with choreography by Jean Coralli (1837), and Henri Sauguet's one-act La Chatte (1927).

It was revived at the 1986 Carpentras Festival, At the back of the stage an alcove with a divan hidden by curtains.

At the front a table with a box on it, and a bird cage attached to the wall. Guido, a handsome bachelor, has been abandoned by all his friends since he lost his money, and Minette, his cat – for which the governor’s cook has offered three florins – is all that remains of Guido’s household.

Marianne is sitting by the table knitting; she takes the white cat from her lap to the divan.

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Guido returns and Marianne asks why he has not appealed to his rich uncle for financial assistance.Dig-Dig enters, but as he is also struck dumb, Guido goes to his box to find the amulet, but a white cat jumps out and runs off.

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