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I personally recommend using the platform's means to make the text RTL, and avoid special control characters because they're invisible and may cause surprising results if they go out of control.So you'd better use Word's API to make the text RTL, or if your output is HTML put them in Select the paragraph (e.g.Pay attention to select the RTL option from the ribbon when the majority of your paragraph is RTL and keep it selected [as shown in the picture in this answer ].This is OK; they're not shuffled: you're seeing them in LTR rendering mode. In Notepad or Word, press right Ctrl Shift to make their direction right-to-left and it will be okay. The control characters LRE and RLE (0x202A and 0x202B) and also LRM and RLM (0x200E and 0x200F) need to be applied to the whole paragraph, i.e they should come at the beginning of the sequence.It's necessary for Notepad but MS-Word is able to handle it. How to enter RLE: word processing, you have a main text direction which is either left-to-right or right-to-left (or top to bottom, but let's ignore that :-), and you have a text direction for individual characters, which will also be left to right or right to left.The word processor splits the text into chunks of strings with the same character ordering, then displays these chunks according to the main text ordering.

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Philippines Ambassador to Kuwait Renato Pedro claimed that "the number of domestic workers who flee and resort to the embassy has dropped from 20 cases a day to about 10-15 per day," according to the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Rai.

Egyptian economics expert Sameh Abu Arayes said on Monday that a claim by the Egyptian Central Bank that it had raised its cash reserves to bn was "fake", according to the Cairo-based newspaper Al-Mesryoon.

Abu Arayes added: "The Central Bank reserve, which has allegedly reached the highest level in its history, is an imaginary reserve and [it is] a fake increase because it is all loans..last increase, for example, was due to a bn loan borrowed by Egypt through issuing bonds in international markets at an annual interest rate which reached 8 percent.

His family said he was being held in an undisclosed location.

Egyptian security services also arrested another left-wing activist, former Kefaya movement member Hassan Hussein, on Friday.

In case anyone faces troubles while following the steps, let me clarify some things: If you are entering an English word in an Arabic text, make sure that RTL option in the ribbon is selected [circled in red in the following figure]: Keep it selected throughout the paragraph irrespective of the language you are using [as long as the majority of the paragraph is written in an RTL language like Arabic or Hebrew].

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