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28-Dec-2019 10:40

He not only takes care of his sexual duties but she claims of falling in love with him. She said that if he did she would drop him even though the feelings she has for him. Unfortunate for me she will not give me any sex and that includes hugs/kisses.. Is her love for him so strong that she considers him like a husband instead of a b/f? I now realise that my sex drive is still strong and I am more discerning to explore with far, far fewer women than before.

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I was married at 25 and divorced at 29, my husband left me frustrated everytime we had sex.

Our earlier sex life was flourishing and he was so good he made me have multiple orgasms when we had sex. I've even spoken to him numerous times that the lack of sex and intimacy is troubling me and had caused me to become depressed.