Blue collar vs white collar dating

02-Mar-2020 19:17

White-collar workers are workers employed in clerical, professional, or administrative fields, such as law, politics, or finance.

A white-collar criminal, then, is a criminal who is employed in this field and commits a crime related to that field.

A white-collar criminal, referring to a criminal who is a white-collar worker, is generally in a higher strata of society.

They are in what may be called the middle class or upper-middle class.

Most “office jobs”, in the general usage of the term, are white-collar jobs.

Today, blue collar crimes are typically those crimes that are considered to be fueled on by passion, rage or other emotions, as compared to those that are carefully calculated and executed.

The following, which are crimes that cause injury to people or property, are considered blue collar crimes: White collar crimes, on the other hand, originally referred to those crimes committed by individuals with a higher social status or upper-level occupation that often required them to wear a suit and a white collared shirt.

In this day and age, white collar crimes are those crimes which are generally committed in a business setting and are considered to be non-violent.

Some people refer to white collar crimes as "paper crimes".In addition, white-collar crime is not done in an up-close and personal manner.

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