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04-Oct-2020 09:33

Ashley Madison users are typically on the site because they’re hoping to keep their sex lives private, both from their spouses and their judgemental peers.

But they’ve all used the site to find affair partners, which means they’ve accepted at least some baseline of risk.

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At the time, she was married, but barely spoke to her husband, whom she said was cold and distant. But conversations Frankie had with men on Ashley Madison, as well as the physical relationships she developed, broke her out of her shell. During her affairs, she said, “I was in a place where I was only into what I was doing right now, I didn’t care about how I looked, only that it felt good.

“If somebody were to look me up to see if I was on there I’d be pretty honest about it.”Amy speaks candidly about her views on monogamy, which she doesn’t think is a prerequisite for marriage.

“I think people like sex, I think sex is healthy,” she said.

She said some of them shied away from Ashley Madison after the hack, but after the dust settled, most returned.

“Despite all the risks and the negatives and the costs of cheating, people’s needs were so great that they were willing to risk it,” she said.“I think our information is out there pretty much everywhere,” said Amy*, a 50-year old Colorado resident who has dated outside of her marriage for years but began using Ashley Madison in early 2018.

Like Lindsey, many of them found the website to actually be the least risky form of cheating available.

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