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Nelson) Subject: ST Report: 13-Mar-98 #1410 Date: Tue Mar 17 1998 Silicon Times Report "The Original Independent Online Magazine" (Since 1987 - Our 11th Year) March 13,1998 No.1410 Silicon Times Report International Magazine Post Office Box 6672 Jacksonville, Florida 32236-6672 R. Internet Explorer 4.01 is STReport's Official Internet Web Browser. All computer enthusiasts, hobbyist or commercial, on all platforms and BBS systems are invited to participate.

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(Reuters) - Compaq Computer says it expects its first- quarter earnings to be far below what Wall Street was expecting because of weak personal computer demand and plunging prices.

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The earnings warning follows recent, pessimistic earnings outlooks from Intel Corp. Wall Street analysts expected Compaq, a bellwether among technology stocks, to earn 35 cents per share, according to First Call, which monitors such estimates.

Its amazing that Barksdale and friends opened their collective cry baby mouths at all. the moment there's controls and restrictions introduced, a competitive situation is no longer competition. " All those who are proponents of governmental interference and controls upon the competitive process in the world of computing must now brace themselves as they will easily see everything become twice if not three times as expensive, bloated and rife with runaway redundancy.

After all, if MS and Windows were NOT there, Netscape would never have been thought of let alone conceived. After all is said and done, we must take a lesson from history. Now, on to some sensibility; This issue is the third we've produced in html.

The bottom line is the same in any competitive situation. " Any interference from control freaks and the competition is no longer competition. In most cases, when the US Government attempted to control growth patterns in fast growing industries, two things happened. You hatch lovers are welcome to forward these editorials to his office. So far, I'm overjoyed at the smaller sizes while still being able to provide the interesting and informative content with rich color and graphics.

First, the major players relocated outside the jurisdiction of the control freaks thus effectively driving the industry and its wealth to another nation(s). Pacific Rim Nations) Anybody remember MICRON's crying all over Congress about DRAM?? Perhaps he will be the representation he claims to be and take up the Gauntlet. Acrobat was wonderful and I'm certain there are many great uses for it. since they felt the Atari and Amiga platforms and few other older and somewhat obscure platforms weren't worth their efforts. Not to mention the problems we were experiencing with the graphics side of 3.2 distiller and ps. Please let us know what you think of our new format and if you have any suggestions for enhancing our use of html.

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