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01-May-2020 05:35

But even with advances in fertility, there are clear indicators about the increased difficulties women can face getting pregnant later in life.Some of Inhorn’s work has focused on why women freeze their eggs.There were different reasons in different places, but it’s a global trend,” Inhorn says.“Especially as women seem to be rising educationally around the world, often outstripping the achievements of their male peers.” In a range of places where women are able to access education and careers they have begun to do so with zeal, often overtaking their male counterparts One key metric is attainment at university, where women globally are becoming the majority of students, both applying in greater numbers, as in Sweden, and completing more degrees, as in South Africa.

A recent multi-country study from sub-Saharan Africa found that even when women themselves hadn’t received more formal education, they were likely to delay marriage if more educated women around them were doing so.While both men and women can experience waithood, the situation of singledom becomes more pressing for women as biological imperatives loom.Most people, globally, want children, and men can become fathers at later stages of life.Many of these women aren’t waiting until their 30s; but they are pushing back against the traditional model of marrying in their teens, wanting to instead gain some life experience first.

For women, changing behaviors and biological imperatives are leading to a material imbalance, which tends to be felt once they’re ready to start a family, and can’t.Researcher Nancy Smith-Hefner was chatting to university students in the city of Yogyakarta, Indonesia, when she noticed a trend.

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