Advice for dating parents

09-Apr-2020 04:51

Talk to your teen about what a good relationship is.

While you may think your teen already knows how to date, they probably don’t.

When it comes time to meet your teen’s date, be kind and respectful.

While you may want to give a lecture on the rules; their date is not the one you should be talking to.

So let’s consider a classic modern example, the single mother.

There have of course always been single mothers in Ireland, however emerging from a cloak of darkness sometime during the 1990s, it became slowly but surely more socially acceptable to forge your own (dating) destiny as a single mum.

Is it really monolithic though, or are we still able to get out on casual and/or romantic dates?

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If you have a concern, talk honestly with your child and ask other’s for help.But it’s important to remember that they do still need you now and this is a normal development phase of the teen years.