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This West Bund destination was formerly an airport hangar, and today, it’s an airy space that has hosted standout exhibitions like the Although it’s not one of Shanghai’s best-known venues, the Ming Contemporary Art Museum (better known as Mca M) ignites the imagination with its interactive activities rooted in visual performance – whether that means sound, sculpture, experimental theatre, dance or poetry.Push your brain’s boundaries at this private museum, which has been transformed from its days as the Shanghai Paper Machine Factory into a two-level tour de force.Adult/teenage circumcision is for many a intense experience with a direct impact on their physio-psychological-and emotional make-up.Contrary to popular belief and the anti-circ propaganda, most males who have decided to be circumcised regret not having made the decision earlier.

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Gallery has long featured a "Girl Next Door" contest in which photographers submit pictures of amateur models (similar to Hustler's "Beaver Hunt.") From each group of monthly entries, one model winner is selected.

Inside the 16,000-square-metre (172,222-square-foot) space is a globe-trotting showcase of temporary exhibitions.